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George E. Porter, Jr., MBA

A graduate of Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science in Cultural Anthropology and an MBA in Marketing and Management from the University of Southern California, George Porter ascended to executive level management rapidly within the Industrial Operations Group of TRW in Los Angeles, CA, where he held the positions of Assistant Director of Industrial Relations and Administration, Director of Management Sciences, and Group Staff Director of Management Information Systems for TRW Industrial Operations Group. He was responsible for supporting mergers and acquisitions with business planning, modeling and simulation systems and he directed all business IT operations for six oil field equipment and process controls companies composed of 41 operating units in 13 countries.

Notable accomplishments at TRW included the creation of TRW’s worldwide financial reporting system, implementation of distributed MRP systems on IBM and DEC computers, and the creation of TRW’s worldwide business information network using Intel hardware linked with international timesharing services to a corporate relational database.

Following TRW, George founded Custom Application Systems, Inc. (CASI), which became one of the largest Valued Added Resellers for the Hewlett Packard Company in Southern California. As President of CASI, George developed, sold, and installed custom software applications and HP hardware to customers in the Finance, Manufacturing, Education and Blood Banking industries. These systems were responsible for:

  1. Automating the worldwide petroleum inventories aboard ARCO’s global tanker fleet;

  2. Creating a “National Standard” Blood Banking System for the American Red Cross, which was installed in 38 Regional Blood Centers in the U.S.;

  3. Transforming business and membership administration processes for the Directors Guild of America and the American Golf Corporation; and

  4. Managing student enrollment and accounting at several University of California campuses across the state.

While fulfilling the national contract with the American Red Cross, George formed Brentwood Consulting Group (BCG), to provide strategic marketing services to high technology companies in Southern California. As Managing Director of BCG, George served as Acting Vice President of Sales and Marketing for over one dozen client companies and members of the SoCalTen Young Presidents’ Association, where he implemented sales and marketing programs that, without exception, increased revenues for client companies by 30% to 50% in the first year of implementation. For one client, California Interactive Computing, Inc., an insurance claims systems vendor, George achieved an astounding sales increase of 400% in the first 12 months. Clients included:

  1. Basic Computer Systems, Inc. an advertising systems vendor;

  2. California Interactive Computing, Inc., an insurance claims systems vendor;

  3. Core Vent, Inc., a manufacturer of endosseous dental implants;

  4. Del Mar Group, a point of sales expert systems vendor serving B. Dalton Books;

  5. Forth, Inc., a real time operating systems vendor developing embedded systems for GM and classified military systems for the DOD;

  6. Meridian Software Systems, Inc., an Ada operating systems vendor;

  7. TeleTech, Inc., an international B2B and B2C telemarketing service bureau;

  8. TIMS, Inc., a wholesale travel systems vendor serving United Airlines;

  9. Trans Global Network Inc., an international television network;

  10. Westland Software House, Inc., a medical office systems vendor;

  11. Windline Marine, Inc., a marine hardware manufacturer; and

  12. XXCAL, Inc., an executive search/high technology placement firm.

George expanded the offices of Brentwood Consulting Group to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where he and his wife, Anna, relocated to start a family. They moved the  main offices for the consulting practice to Lake Oswego, Oregon, where it was christened Lake Oswego Consulting Group.

Since moving to Oregon, George has worked as a Senior Marketing Consultant and Senior Project Manager for major Fortune 500 companies, federal and state government agencies, SMBs and start-ups, creating new Sales and Marketing programs with integrated CRM systems, processes, training and infrastructure; managing complex IT projects; and implementing enterprise-wide business systems. Notable accomplishments have included:

  1. Designing and implementing Intel’s Avalon CRM system that helped propel the Intel Personal Computer Enhancement Division (PCED) from a $500M business to a multibillion dollar position of dominance in the PC motherboard manufacturing and white box production industries;

  2. Perfecting software quality assurance processes for Intel Factory Information Systems that raised factory availability from 93.6% to 99.993% uptime, saving the company $7-9M per month due to production line downtime;

  3. Installing the Siebel Sales Force Automation System in the NUMA Q Division of IBM (now the xSeries and Netfinity Divisions of IBM) two years ahead of IBM’s existing Plan of Record, saving the company over $1.5M in the CRM portfolio budget;

  4. Implementing sales and marketing systems, business processes and industry best practices at Wells Fargo Bank that significantly improved customer retention and satisfaction, and saved the company over $100M in retained accounts. George received a Team Excellence Award for the Correspondent Servicing Project, a Best in Business Award for the Retention-Next Generation Project, and led the Vendor Management Cost Reduction Project saving the bank an additional $10M. He was promoted to Vice President of Strategic Change Management, where he managed the New Business Development Project to streamline qualified mortgage loan applicant processing in three days turn time, producing a 50% reduction in new business on-boarding cycle time;

  5. Organizing a new Regional Sales and Marketing program with integrated CRM systems, process, training and infrastructure at NWEA. As Vice President of Sales & Marketing, George led a management team that delivered $4M in gross revenue in the first four months of the program, a 100% increase in sales;

  6. Developing a proprietary Marketing Your Art program for the membership at Oregon Society of Artists that focused on the development of a Master Marketing Plan for artists, photographers, potters, sculptors and other creative professionals to expand sales and create a brand identity in their target markets and online. George later expanded this product offering into Lake Oswego Consulting Group’s Marketing Your Art Online Workshops;

  7. Developing a System Development Life Cycle standard for Bonneville Power Administration and designing an enterprise-wide Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system; and

  8. Other important projects at Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon Commission for the Blind, and Providence Health Systems.

For his latest consulting assignment at Wells Fargo Bank, George received a Shared Success Recognition Award in July, 2013 for the flawless implementation and  project management, leading a $10 Million de novo construction project to build a 55,000 square foot Call Center in executive office space in Portland, OR. This project included the installation of all the IT voice and data infrastructure to support a Full Service Lending Call Center with up to 1000 online banking professionals.

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